Normally during this time of year, we would be gathering with  many of you at our Annual Fall Luncheon..

Unfortunately, COVID-19 caused a bump in that plan.

The funds generated at the Luncheon helped to provide life-saving services like a safe place to stay, food and hygiene items, court advocacy, employment support, counseling, and so much more.

Things look a little different this year, but that's ok. We weren't going to let anything stop us from helping survivors of domestic violence! 

Having trouble bidding on our auction items?

Or contact Megan at events@womensafe.org or 440-286-7154 x 248.

Survivor Mask Stories

Although most of us have just been introduced to wearing a mask when we are out and about, many victims of domestic violence have been wearing their own masks for years.

                -These masks hide their personality so they don’t upset their abuser.

                -These masks put on a brave face for their children so they don’t feel scared.

                -These masks show a smile so that their friends, family, and neighbors don’t know the

                  pain that they are truly suffering.

                -These masks help them to survive.

While using WomenSafe's counseling services, survivors often utilize art therapy to help them work through their trauma, identify coping skills, and educate and empower themselves. They paint blank masks as one of these exercises. These masks represent how they are feeling at the time of the session, allowing survivors to express their true selves.

We are excited to celebrate the beautiful masks survivors have made in art therapy, while also recognizing the COVID-19 masks that have become our everyday life.

Tune in to our website and social media all week as we share life-hacks to make living with masks easier for all of us, while also highlighting inspiring Survivor Mask Stories.

By liking and sharing our social media posts, bidding on fun auction prizes, wearing purple, and spreading love not germs, you will be saving the lives of countless victims of domestic violence, while also preventing future violence.

Together, we can help survivors UNMASK their fabulous!