This Holiday Season, WomenSafe is Going Back to Basics

Do you have food in your cupboards? A bed to sleep on? A safe place to return to after a long day?

During the great toilet paper shortage of the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably realized how much you take basic needs for granted, including that little roll of paper.

But for survivors of domestic violence fleeing abuse, these basic necessities mean everything. Without knowing how to feed their children, where they would sleep at night, or how they could get clean clothes, many victims of abuse are forced to remain with their abuser.

With your support, survivors will have somewhere to turn. Your gift will provide:

  • shelter
  • food
  • hygiene items
  • clothing
  • a warm, safe place to stay,
  • along with a plethora of support services that WomenSafe offers specifically for survivors of domestic violence.

Nobody should have to endure maltreatment and violence, and you can ensure that every man, woman, and child is safe tonight.

Please consider helping WomenSafe clients this holiday season by making a donation below or by purchasing much needed items from our Amazon Wish List

Right now, there is a family scared to leave their violent home because they don't know how they will survive on their own. This December, you can join WomenSafe as we go Back to Basics. Your gift will provide food, safety, and peace of mind to survivors who need it most.

Let's go Back to Basics together. 

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Mae's Story

When I first came to WomenSafe for counseling, I had told them I did not want to feel crazy anymore.  It seemed like no one would believe me and as a result I kept feeling like I was trapped in my own mind.  After 25 years of abuse, all kinds of it, I had learned to shove it all deep down. 

I found out through a friend about WomenSafe Inc. She said I did not have to stay there to receive services, so I enrolled. The counselor I was assigned to asked if I had ever heard of EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy. I hadn’t, but I was willing to try anything.

The way EMDR worked was so beneficial. The counselor said my triggers could become less sensitive through this method. It took the horrible memories I had experienced, even the ones I thought I had repressed from my younger years and brought them to the surface.

I remember the counselor asking me if I had ever held a ball under water.  I said yes. She likened the ball to a sphere of feelings and asked what happens when you let go…I felt that. It resonated with me. 

After several sessions, I was able to process my trauma a little better. I will be forever grateful to WomenSafe for helping me work through my past to make my future brighter.