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WomenSafe Services

Emergency Shelter – WomenSafe offers shelter to survivors of domestic violence from northeastern Ohio. The shelter is a safe and comforting environment where victims begin to heal, receive counseling, consider alternatives and develop goals for an abuse-free life. All basic necessities are provided to residents. Resident Care Workers and volunteers provide 24-hour support to shelter residents to meet their individual needs while residing at the shelter.

Emergency shelter is available to any victim regardless of gender. Please note that although the primary resident of WomenSafe is a Geauga County resident, services do not stop at the county line.

COPEline 888-285-5665 – By calling this 24-hour support and crisis management hotline, victims of domestic violence receive support, access to shelter and services, and information and referrals to community resources. The hotline is also recommended for friends and family who need more information about domestic violence, available services and how to help a person in need.

Case Management – WomenSafe’s case management service guarantees each individual client is offered assistance in developing and accomplishing goals based upon individual needs. Case management services assist individuals in gaining access to a full range of services available to them in the community. The goal of this program is to ensure that clients are linked with needed services such as housing, income assistance, safety, physical and behavioral health needs, and vocational needs. WomenSafe provides an array of options and referral delivered by a community based, mobile, multidisciplinary team of professional and paraprofessional staff members, as well as trained volunteers. If transportation is an issue, WomenSafe staff will assist with appointments throughout Geauga County.

Counseling – Counseling is available for adults and children whether they have resided in shelter or not. Counseling consists of a series of structured, face-to-face sessions, that work toward the attainment of goals as identified in the ISP. Appropriately licensed professionals provide individual counseling services. Clinical staff provide individual counseling in a secure location to any person victimized by domestic violence. Counselors aid survivors in exploring new alternatives for living.

WomenSafe’s cognitive-based framework is to help victims understand that they are not to blame for the abuse, and that it is likely the abuse will continue if they return to the abuser.

Peer Support Group – A 10-week support group, supervised by a licensed mental health professional, provides victims of domestic violence a safe place to gain strength and support from others in similar situations. The sessions are designed to recognize, express and accept feelings related to experiencing an abusive relationship and provide information about the dynamics of domestic violence. For many survivors, a crucial part of the healing process is the support and sense of connection felt by sharing with other survivors. Some victims of domestic violence attend support groups almost immediately and some wait for years. Others are still in abusive situations, while several have found safe, independent living. It is natural to feel a bit uneasy going to the first support group.  CALL 440-286-7154 ext. 237 FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Art Therapy – Art therapy provides a non-threatening approach to process feelings and issues surrounding family violence. Art allows survivors to express a range of emotions through creative self-expression. The registered art therapist offers this service to adults and children ages five and older.

Court Advocacy – Court advocates accompany survivors of domestic violence through the court process, explaining victim rights entitlements such as protection orders. Advocates provide crisis intervention and emotional support as victims seek assistance from the judicial system.

Hospital Advocacy – Face-to-face support and crisis intervention is available to hospital patients who have experienced domestic violence. At the requested of the client, Advocates meet to discuss options, safety planning and community resources. Advocates can assist victims to arrange intake to shelter directly from the hospital.

Relocation Assistance – Any client who uses WomenSafe services is offered household items, clothing, food and other needs to assist with the transition to safe, independent living. Furniture, household items, food and clothing provided to clients is generously donated by members of our community.

Reestablishment Services – After addressing the immediate needs of clients, WomenSafe staff continues to provide survivors with long-term support in living a life free from violence.

Community Education – To build community awareness, WomenSafe offers presentations to the general public. Schools, businesses, agencies, churches, and senior and youth organizations learn about abuse-free dating, dynamics of domestic violence, date rape, elder abuse, effects of domestic violence on children, how to assess domestic violence and how to help someone who is being abused.

Please note:

  • WomenSafe serves men and women who are fleeing violence in their home or dating relationships.
  • All WomenSafe services are provided free of charge.
  • For immediate assistance call COPEline (888) 285-5665.
  • For administrative questions, including scheduling a speaker, volunteering, donations, please call 440-286-7154.

WomenSafe Service Brochure

CRCC Expanded Services to Geauga County

Sexual assault survivors in Geauga County have access to therapeutic services offered by Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (CRCC) a bit closer to home. A CRCC therapist sees clients at the Green House, 12041 Ravenna Rd. in Chardon.

Women, men and children who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any point in their life are eligible for services. There is no cost or insurance required. The expansion is possible because of a partnership between CRCC and WomenSafe and funding provided by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office through the Victims of Crime Act.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 216-619-6194 ext. 141.

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