Shelters wanted to test out new program that trains advocates how to be mentors for children affected by domestic violence.

How do you trust again after a relationship with an abuser ends? When finding a new partner, rewiring negative messages in your brain is key.

There are a lot of avenues to take when recovering from trauma, and some are looking at alternative medicine, like acupuncture, for it's healing properties.

A personal essay from Sushi Tuesdays blogger Charlotte Maya who was widowed and had to figure out how to navigate the intense grief that followed.

Validating a friend or loved one after they disclose abuse to you can make all the difference. Things to say to help them realize it's not their fault.

Stigmas often prevent men from stepping forward and saying #MeToo. One man tells his story of domestic violence, and how he found the courage to get out.

Sexual predators are often people that you know. To protect your children, early and repetitive education is important.

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